Table 1

Patient safety incident form submissions (fewer red, amber and yellow forms were submitted in the year following checklist introduction; p=0.075)

(1.62%; 95% CI 1.27% to 2.03% of all procedures)(1.18%; 95% CI 0.89% to 1.54% of all procedures)
  • Colour coding is derived from the UK National Patient Safety Agency traffic light system, whereby red, any adverse incident that appears to have resulted in permanent harm to, or the death of, one or more patients; amber, any adverse incident that resulted in a moderate increase in treatment and which caused significant but not permanent harm to one or more persons; yellow, any adverse incident that required extra observation or minor treatment and caused minimal harm to one or more persons; and green, an adverse incident that had the potential to cause harm but was prevented, resulting in no harm OR any adverse incident that ran to completion but no harm occurred.