Table 1

Hypoglycaemia bundle.

Hypoglycaemia bundle—interventions to improve treatment of HGE
1Standardisation of treatment (glucose gel, intravenous dextrose or intramuscular glucagon)
2Dextrose administration by nursing staff without requirement for physician orders and Pyxis MedStation alert to check follow-up FS after treatment
3EMR order set for insulin regimen: basal and bolus correction and automated hypoglycaemia order set
4Automated physician notification immediately after HGE to reassess risks
5After two HGEs, automated best practice advisor on EMR with recommendation for endocrine consultation
6Standardised hypoglycaemia management protocol: laminated card attached to staff ID badge
7Education of nursing staff and inpatient medical teams
  • EMR, electronic medical record; FS, finger stick; HGE, hypoglycaemic event.