Table 2

Junior doctors’ questionnaire responses pre-teaching and post-teaching

QuestionPrePostP value
Which patients are at risk of SIH?76.9280.39NA
Which routes of steroids can cause SIH?46.1574.510.01
What is the diagnostic CBG for SIH?74.3674.51NA
What monitoring should be carried out when steroids are prescribed?57.6964.71NA
What time should the diagnostic CBG be done?32.0564.710.01
What monitoring should occur once diagnosed with SIH?44.8768.630.01
What further action should be taken if diagnosed with SIH?64.1076.47NA
What monitoring should occur when steroids are stopped?78.2182.35NA
What discharge arrangements should be made if patient had SIH?44.8770.590.01
Total score57.6972.98NA
  • There was a significant improvement in junior doctors’ knowledge regarding route of steroids causing SIH, monitoring and follow-up required on discharge.

  • CBG, capillary blood glucose; NA, not applicable; SIH, steroid-induced hyperglycaemia.