Table 2

Comparing demographics with published CALM results

MeasureBenchmark CALM trial (reported in literature)Present translational effort (practice)
Eligible patients106269
Percentage opt out618
Intent-to-treat number100457
Characteristics of intent-to-treat cohort
Drop-out rate11% at 6 months68% (39)
Age (years)42 (mean)40 (mean, intent to treat)
Gender (%), female7175
Race/ethnicity57% White, 20% Hispanic, 12% African American, 12% other95% White, non-Hispanic
Marital status (%), married5367
Anxiety diagnoses at activation (not mutually exclusive) (%)
 Social phobia4016
 Panic disorder4718
 Anxiety NOS −14
  • CALM, Coordinated Anxiety Learning and Management; GAD, generalised anxiety disorder; NOS, not otherwise specified; PTSD, post-traumatic stress disorder.