Table 1

Rapid change cycles that were applied during the months of May–June

Letter on the run chart (figure 1)Implementation dateImprovement
AMay 16Reorganisation of intravenous carts. Separation of paediatric and adult intravenous. Placed large-bore intravenous in visible and accessible locations and relabelled the carts to enhance visibility.
BMay 18Discussed the topic with groups of ED nurses at Wednesday morning huddles.
BMay 18Educational posters #1 and #2 displayed.
CMay 18–301:1 discussions with ED nursing staff.
DMay 19Educational poster #3 placed at nursing stations following feedback from frontline staff.
EMay 20Conversations and written reminders to frontline staff and physician groups, including staff and residents.
FMay 30Discussed at the trauma team leader (ED physician and surgeons) retreat by the trauma director.
GMay 31Second intravenous chart organised and labelled.
HJune 6Posters #4 and #6 were introduced and demonstrated educational tips and prompts with regards to other options available if a large-bore intravenous cannot be obtained, that is, cortice, IO access.
  • ED, emergency department; IO, intraosseous.