Table 1

Data obtained retrospectively at each time point over a 6-month period from 40 haematology, oncology and BMT patients (data at 4-month time point extrapolated to six period for comparison purposes)

Prior to annual blood products consent implementation4 months after annual consent implantation12 months after annual consent implementation
Total number of blood product consents obtained1393216
Total number of inpatient hospital admissions139234162
Number of admissions requiring blood products transfusion60 (43%)111 (47%)73 (45%)
Total estimated time spent obtaining blood consents33.7 hours (2020 min)8.3 hours (495 min)3.3 hours (200 min)
Time spent obtaining blood products consents on admissions not requiring transfusion19.1 hours (1148 min)NoneNone
Average time per consent per admission15 min2 min0.81 min
Work efficiency improvement (provider time saved)75%94.6%