Table 4

Estimation of SHRs from competing risks survival regression analysis

VariableSHR95% CI
Lower limitUpper limit
AS intervention (compared with no AS intervention)1.1941.0141.405
Secular trend by ward and month (compared with ER)
Age group (for each decile group above <20 baseline comparator)0.9390.8801.002
Sex (compared with female)0.8070.6890.949
Charlson Comorbidity Score (for every one unit increase in score)0.9560.9101.005
CURB-65 score (for every one unit increase in score)0.8890.8160.969
CAP criteria (compared with no)1.0400.8761.233
Complicated CAP (compared with no)0.7020.5670.870
Total days of intravenous therapy (for every extra 1 day of antibiotic)0.9470.9250.969
Time to clinical stability (for every extra 1 day)0.9900.9870.994
Time to oral intake (for every extra 1 day)0.9850.9780.992
  • AS, antimicrobial stewardship; CAP, community-acquired pneumonia; CURB-65, presence of Confusion, elevated Urea, elevated Respiratory rate, low Blood pressure and age ≥65 years; ER, emergency room; SHR, subhazard ratio.