Table 2

Compliance to the single items of the checklist used during the real-time observations in operating rooms (ORs) in June, July and November 2015

ItemsFirst survey week (June)Second survey week (July)Third survey week (Nov)P valueP value
% (N°/Tot.)% (N°/Tot.)% (N°/Tot.)JunNovJulNov
Preoperative items on ward
 Surgical site is marked with ‘YES’64 (38/59)79 (23/29)84 (16/19)n.s. n.s.
 Preoperative items are verified96 (74/77)100 (45/45)100 (32/32)
 Patient’s surgical consent is correctly filled*96 (49/51)100 (36/36)
 Patient’s anaesthetic consent is correctly filled*94 (30/32)100 (35/35)
Preoperative in OR
 Time-out has been performed68 (53/78)90 (45/50)89 (31/35)<0.05n.s.
 Surgical checklist is present in medical records98 (82/84)100 (48/48)89 (39/39)
 Perioperatory folder is present in medical records*100 (46/46)100 (39/39)
 Uniform and headdress are clean*65 (33/51)84 (31/37)<0.05
 Surgical masks are correctly worn*73 (37/51)78 (29/37)n.s.
Preoperative in recovery room
 Gauzes count is correct86 (48/56)96 (25/26)100 (27/27)
At discharge from the OR
 Surgical checklist is correctly filled90 (55/61)90 (26/29)97 (29/30)n.s.n.s.
 Perioperatory folder is correctly filled*80 (28/35)90 (26/29)n.s.
  • *Critical items added to the checklist on the basis of the first site visit.

  • †In case of not applicability, it was not possible to evaluate all items in all the interventions.