Table 3

Number and proportion of reviews by Preventability scale

Preventability scoreNorth-East totalsPercentage of totalPRISM
 2 percentage†
1—Definitely not preventable677691.990.6
2—Slight evidence for preventability2903.93.6
3—Possibly preventable less than 50/50941.32.8
4—Probably preventable greater than 50/50230.31.9
5—Strong evidence for preventability90.11.0
6—Definitely preventable20.00.0
Unanswered/unable to grade1762.40.0
Total 4–6: greater than 50% chance of death being preventable340.5* 3.0
Total 2–6: some evidence for preventability4185.8* 9.4
  • *Percentage calculated from total patients with a score.

  • †Given in Table 1 of Hogan et al10