Table 1.

Feedback from Staff and Patients on Resources

Staff comments – iron pathwayStaff comments – oral iron informationPatient comments – oral iron information
I have learnt about the importance of looking at more than just the Hb result.
It took me some time to get used to the algorithms, and I had to keep looking things up. I have to do that less now. They are easy to follow and use. I have not come across a situation when the chart did not tell me what to do.
Having the information leaflets made it easier for me to have a conversation with her about her results, and to tell her what iron preparation she could try.Helped me understand about anaemia.
Helped select the tablet I bought.
I was showed pictures of preparations.
Just helped with understanding what was happening.
Listed all the different types and iron levels in each.
Showing the pictures of the bottle and how to take the tablets was helpful.
What foods to be eating and how to take the supplements.