TableĀ 1

Measures, their operational definitions and improvement goals

MetricTypeOperational DefinitionTargets by 31/12/15
PM1: AKI DetectionProcessProportion of AKI cases appropriately diagnosed within 24 hours95% attainment
PM2: Fluid AssessmentProcessProportion of AKI patients with documented fluid assessment and charts95% attainment
PM3: Drug ReviewProcessProportion of AKI patients with a documented appropriate drug review95% attainment
PM4: Adherence to AKI priority careProcessProportion of AKI patients in whom nine elements of the Priority Care Checklist (PCC) were adhered to80% attainment
OM1: AKI incidenceOutcomeProportion of cases of AKI in all admissions10% Reduction
OM2: Incidence of Hospital Acquired AKIOutcomeCount of number of new cases of AKI developed in hospital (AKI must not be present on admission/or first blood test)10% reduction
OM2: AKI LOSOutcomeAverage number of days AKI patients spend in hospital10% Reduction
OM3: AKI DaysOutcomeAverage number of days a patient remains in AKI after diagnosis (time to recovery)20% Reduction
OM4: AKI DeathsOutcomeCount of deaths with a diagnosis of AKI10% Reduction
OM5: Dialysis/Haemofiltration for AKIOutcomeCount of AKI patients requiring dialysis/haemofiltration10% Reduction