Table 1

Table showing the three domains of physical health checks performed.

DomainsPhysical Health ChecksBlood TestsECG
Clinician skills required:Any clinician can conduct and advise or signpost – only basic brief training requiredAny clinician trained in phlebotomy: results need to be interpreted by a suitably trained clinicianAny clinician trained in ECGs: results need to be interpreted by a doctor
Equipment required:Scales, Measuring tape, BMI chart, BP monitor, algorithmPhlebotomy equipment including sharp disposal binsECG machine
Checks conducted:Past medical history & current physical health complaints
Blood pressure and pulse
Height, weight and BMI
Smoking status
Diet and exercise
Alcohol and substance history.
Lester Guidelines: Glucose & Lipids
Additional Baseline monitoring: FBC, U&E, LFT,LFT, TFT, Prolactin, CK (38)
This domain was not required by Lester guidelines, but is recommended in most antipsychotic SPCs (38).