TableĀ 1

Quality Improvement Project Interventions & Team Composition (Bolded items included by all 3 centers)

Center 1Center 2Center 3
Education Interventions
1. Patient/Family information for ED experience during fever with neutropenia (FN) episodesXXX
2. Staff/faculty on consensus guidelines for FN care (Time to Antibiotic goal<60 minutes and Antibiotic type)XXX
3. Staff/faculty initial education & update on project progressXXX
4. Standardized RN central line education/trainingXX
Process Change
5. Topical anesthetic to central line site in triageXXX
6. Rapid rooming for all cancer patients with feverXXX
7. Ill appearing or severe triage category placed in resuscitation roomXXX
8. Central line equipment more accessibleXXX
9. Antibiotic delivery prior to absolute neutrophil count (ANC) resultXXX
10. Rapid ANC testingX*
11. Electronic order entry modifications/order set developmentXX
12. Pharmacy assistance for antibiotic readiness/availabilityXX
13. MD notified upon patient arrivalXX
14.Direct phone communication (Oncology MD to Emergency MD) of incoming patient prior to arrival (when possible)X
15. All febrile cancer patients triage level 1(highest acuity)X
TEAM Composition
Emergency PhysiciansXXX
Emergency NursesXXX
Pharmacy RepresentativeXXX
Oncology PhysiciansXXX
Computer Order Entry RepresentativeXX
Infectious Disease PhysicianXX
Quality Improvement RepresentativeXX
  • * At site 2, this rapid ANC testing was trialed but determined to be a failed strategy and was stopped.