Table 1

Quality and safety improvements

Quality/Safety AchievementsAction
Alignment of evidence based recommendationsReview ‘like’ orders for a topic across all service lines
Alignment of work with organizational/strategic goalsPrioritize production schedule based on organizational priority.
Reduce non-value added, non-evidence based lab testsReview each order set for appropriate changes
Reduce medications that cause deliriumReview each order set for deliriogenic medications
Reduce hospital acquired infections and improve adherence to national guidelinesReview order sets for evidence based antibiotic appropriateness
Consistent renal dosing guidelinesReview each order set and align recommendations and text wording
Safe and consistent ordering of anticoagulant medicationsReview each order by Heparin Task Force for anticoagulant medications
Facilitate use of evidence in the design of order setsDocumentation of evidence citations in order sets to support knowledge management
Safe orderingUpdating of order sets to mistake-proof known or potential errors/omissions.
Medication quality and safetyReview medications against formulary and recommendations by pharmacy and therapeutics committee