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7 Angel of love: the story of film-making in an acute dialysis unit in a time of Covid-19
  1. Nicola Abraham1,
  2. Jo James2
  1. 1Royal Central School of Speech and drama
  2. 2Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust


Background Auchi dialysis unit supports patients who have complex needs and require more intensive care. During the pandemic, many of the patients had to isolate from family for months and were frightened about having to come into hospital. They became demoralized and disengaged. This project connected applied theatre students from Royal Central School of Speech and Drama with the patients.

Objectives The aim was to provide social connection, stimulation and joy by creating a film through a collaboration with patients and students based on the creative output of the patients.

Methods Multiple short PDSA cycles were undertaken to determine the best way to connect digitally and deliver the project. Staff identified patients that would benefit from the project. Patients then participated in interactive narrative workshops twice a week for 6 weeks via zoom (figure 3 and 4). These were facilitated by the students, supported in person by the project team (figure 1).

Results Results were measured through feedback from the participants and staff and also by the quality of the film produced. Qualitative data from staff observations and patient feedback has revealed the positive impact of the project on patient wellbeing. Project team observations and patient feedback revealed ‘focus’ on collaborative film making changed the mood of the patients during workshops (figure 2).

Conclusions Using Quality improvement methodology in our collaborative film making enabled us to continually improve the experience and inclusion of patients in a creative project. This allowed us to overcome the limitations of PPE and internet connectivity and devise a transmedia approach to maximise the opportunities for the patients to be creative (figure 5).

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